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1st IWA Polish Young Water Professionals Conference in Krakow

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The Warsaw University of Technology as a co-organizer of The first Conference of the International Water Association IWA for young scientists in Poland would like to invite you to the event. 

The 1st Polish IWA Young Water Professionals Conference 2017 to be held in Cracow, Poland will provide an excellent opportunity to present the latest concepts and technologies in water and wastewater sectors. The leading motto of the conference is “Water, Wastewater and Energy in Smart Cities” to emphasise the practical aspects of the technological developments and possible perspectives of their applications. This YWP conference provides a unique platform to share information and experience and update your knowledge with the latest solutions developed by young professionals, as well as provide professional development through offering networking opportunities, professional development workshops, and overall experience in writing abstracts, presenting, and having opportunity to publish papers in scientific journals.

Main topics of the conference

TOPIC 1: Water 

Surface and groundwater quality

  •  Design and operation of water treatment plants
  •  Drinking water sludge management
  •  Innovative solutions and technologies in water management
  •  Modern control and monitoring systems in water management
  •  Design and operation of water distribution networks
  •  Rivers, lake and reservoir restoration

TOPIC 2: Wastewater

  •  Design and operation of wastewater treatment plants
  •  Innovative solutions and technologies in wastewater management
  •  Nutrient removal and recovery 
  •  Anaerobic treatment process
  •  Sludge drying and incineration
  •  Sewage sludge and waste management
  •  Environmental Biotechnology
  •  Modern control and monitoring systems in wastewater management
  •  Stormwater management
  •  Design and operation of sewer systems

TOPIC 3: Energy

  •  Energy balance in water and wastewater treatment plants
  •  Renewable energy sources in water and wastewater management
  •  Energy recovery from wastewater 

More information: www.iwa-ywp.pl