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Microalgae from the WUT to revolutionize industry?

Students from the Chemical and Process Engineering Scientific Club at the Warsaw University of Technology have constructed an instrument to test the pressure method for harvesting cultured microalgae for industrial applications. Currently, they are commencing installation tests. “We can likely monetize this, as the project leverages many technologies that can be patented,” Michał Wojtalik, the project coordinator, says.

So what are algae, exactly? Algae are a group of unicellular organisms with high biodiversity. What they have in common is the lack of specialised tissue, and in most cases also autotrophy and water habitat. Algae contain a large number of nutrients, which makes them the focus of continuous research for new applications. “We want to use them primarily to process carbon dioxide separated from other exhaust gases, but also to produce biomass and fatty acids used to manufacture biodiesel fuels,” Wojtalik explains.

But these are not the only applications of algae. The organisms can also be used to produce cosmetics and medicines.

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WUT'S researchers work on a range of scientific topics which are explored in different areas and on a different scale. Often the outcome of these helps with the development of new technologies or everyday products to come into being.

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