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Hyperloop – Transport Revolution in the Hands of Students

Can Polish scientists compete with specialists from wealthier and more developed countries? Of course! Polish students from the Hyper Poland University Team are the proof. The team has qualified for the final stage of the Hyperloop one-person pod construction competition. They are one of four European teams, the only one from Central and Eastern Europe.

Hyperloop is an ultra-modern mean of transport. It combines the flexibility of a car, speed of a plane, and comfort of a train. The vehicle's pod moves in a reduced-pressure tube. It achieves this using magnetic levitation. Thanks to these properties, travelling from Warsaw to Wrocław could take just 23 minutes. In addition to the vehicles and tubes in which the vehicle would travel, the project also involves building stations situated in city centres – not on the outskirts, like airports, which significantly increases plane travel time. The author of Hyperloop is Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX.

Works on this modern solution have also been underway in Poland. The Hyper Poland team, consisting mostly of people related to the Warsaw University of Technology and the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, has been preparing the target concept for Hyperloop. It also promotes Hyper Poland University Team, who have been focusing on participating in the competition organised by SpaceX. “The student group is independent fromHyper Poland”, emphasises Krzysztof Tabiszewski, the founder of Hyper Poland.

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