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Our Man “on Mars”, or How a WUT Student Conquered the Universe

Many leaders, businessmen and scientists dream about conquering the Red Planet. Conditions present on Mars let us think of it as a planet that might be settled one day. However, before we begin exploring Mars once and for all, we must conduct space voyage simulations. Michał Kazaniecki, student at the Warsaw University of Technology, took part in one of such simulations.

Everything began about a year ago, when the Student Astronautics Club, known for e.g. building Martian rovers, was contacted by people interested in conducting the first simulation for Polish astronauts at the centre in Utah. They were looking for an engineer who would mainly operate Martian rovers.

“At the club, we debated who should go for this trip”, says Michał Kazaniecki,student  of Automatics and Robotics at the Faculty of Mechatronics. “Only one person could go. Finally, everyone voted that I should go there because – most of all – I have the most experience working with rovers”.

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