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Super-calculations of the WUT Physicists on a Supercomputer

For the first time in history, a Polish research team will work with the largest European supercomputer – Piz Daint. The research group led by Gabriel Wlazłowski, PhD (Eng.) from the Faculty of Physics at the WUT will explore the secrets of superfluidity and superconductivity. Are they preparing a ground-breaking discovery?

“We are trying to create a method that would very precisely describe behaviours of superfluid and superconducting systems,” explains Gabriel Wlazłowski, PhD (Eng.). “For many years, we have known these equations. The problem lies in their solutions – they are very complicated; therefore, we need a supercomputer to solve them.”

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WUT'S researchers work on a range of scientific topics which are explored in different areas and on a different scale. Often the outcome of these helps with the development of new technologies or everyday products to come into being.

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