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How to Detect Ice on Roads? Our Students Research This Idea

Near the end of winter examinations, the students stumbled upon information about a competition organised by Valeo. The deadline was just a few days away. They decided to send an idea they had already discussed and analysed. Their solution is one of 24 propositions from the entire world that qualified to the semi-finals of Valeo Innovation Challenge 2017.

It’s an international competition for students, giving them an opportunity to create innovative and useful solutions and practices for the automotive industry. Ideas are submitted in two categories: “New ways of using cars” and “Technological Innovation”. The competition was very strong: 1,628 projects were sent from 80 countries and 748 universities. 70 Valeo experts and independent scientists selected the best projects.

TheSPMIPteam from the Warsaw University of Technology qualified to the semi-finals in the category “Technological Innovation”. It is one of 13 such teams, one of five from Europe, and the only one from Poland. This success was achieved by three of our students: Maksymilian Krajewski from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Krystian Rosłon from the Faculty of Physics, and Mateusz Zaborski from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. “We’ve known each other for years. We prepared many projects together, not just scientific ones”, says Mateusz Zaborski. “One time, we began to wonder how to detect ice build-up on roads while driving a car. We noticed that there is nothing like this in modern cars”.

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