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Students from the Warsaw University of Technology want to help the disabled

To create an application that will make it easier and more convenient for disabled people to move — such is the aim of Civitas team from the ‘Smart City’ Interdepartmental Scientific Group. Our students keep honing their concept and count on support.

The design group consists of four people: Viktor Szabó and Maciej Szypulski from the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography, JoannaLemkafrom the Faculty of Architecture, and Sebastian Szczebiot from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

'We have been thinking about the problems which the disabled have to face in today's cities,' says Viktor. 'From the very beginning, we have been concentrating on specific social groups and how we could help them,' adds Joanna.

That is how they came up with the idea to help the disabled. Importantly, as our students claim, on the market there is no other application similar to the one they are working on. Obviously, one can find city sites accessible for disabled people and check which means of transport are adapted for the needs of people in wheelchairs. This, however, has to be done individually. There is a lack of a single source of information in this respect. It is a major problem, especially when a person comes to visit a city they have never been to before.

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