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Bartłomiej Tokarzewski, Dagmara Ćwiek, Karolina Kowal and Tomasz Kolsicki

Bartłomiej Tokarzewski, Dagmara Ćwiek, Karolina Kowal and Tomasz Kolsicki, phot. submitted

An Engineering Journey from Poland to Chile

Four students of the Warsaw University of Technology worked intensively for eight months to design the best possible HVAC system for a weather station building on one of the Diego Ramirez Islands in Chile. It was worth the effort, as the team has won an international competition.

It all began in October 2016. “Karolina Kowal found an announcement on the website of ASHRAE, an American association, about a project competition for students and she suggested that we participate,” says Bartłomiej Tokarzewski. “I liked the idea a lot, so I started looking for interested people among University students right away. 30 people came forward. In the end, we had a team of four: Karolina, me, Dagmara Ćwiek and Tomasz Kolsicki. We all study Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering.”

In the previous edition of ASHRAE Student Design Competition, there were four categories: HVAC Design Calculations, HVAC System Selection, Integrated Sustainable Building Design (ISBD) and The Applied Engineering Challenge. Our students entered the HVAC System Selection category. The task was to propose three concepts for a HVAC system (i.e. heating, ventilation and air conditioning) for a weather station building located in one of the Diego Ramirez Islands in Chile, 100 km away from Cape Horn. The building housed living quarters, office space, a small server room and a workshop floor for car engine testing.

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