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Building faster, more cheaply and without mistakes

New technologies are not commonly used in the construction industry yet, but students from the BIMgo Student Research Group, which operates within the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, want to change this. They use their knowledge and passion to develop a non-standard model of a non-standard energy-efficient single-family house.

“At a construction trade fair, we met representatives of the Solace company, who offered to work with us,” Michał Nowakowski says. “They turned to us because they had not found anybody who would present them with a sufficiently detailed model of the planned building. The house, which is expected to be built soon, will have a floor area of 48 sq. m. It will be built from prefabricated elements, which will be delivered in one container. The assembly will be fast and cheap. “The house has been designed as a zero-energy, or even a positive-energy building,” Krzysztof Kaczor explains. “The solution is addressed mainly to the poor.”

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WUT'S researchers work on a range of scientific topics which are explored in different areas and on a different scale. Often the outcome of these helps with the development of new technologies or everyday products to come into being.

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