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Renewable energy in practice – our students through to the finals

A team of the Non-Conventional Energy Student Research Group has been qualified for the finals of the international competition, EDPR University Challenge, in Poland. “We have worked on the practical application of renewable energy in public transport,” explains Monika Lis, the project coordinator.

EDPR University Challenge is a competition promoted by EDP Renewables, one of the major market players in renewable energy. Entrants are required to design a project which would be adequate to the EDP Renewables reality in its technical, marketing or business aspects. The rules of the competition prohibit the entrants from revealing any details of their concepts until the Final Gala, which is scheduled for 11 October this year.

What has made our students enter? “We decided we wanted to do something all by ourselves, outside the University, and see if we could work together as a team, do something from scratch, without being told what to do by our teachers,” says Monika Lis.

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