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Christmas University

Photo of the WUT Main Building with a new Christmas illumination

It was the eight WUT Christmas Market

Another WUT Christmas Market has come to an end

These were days full of emotions and festive atmosphere. We thank everyone who participated in our annual event. Thanks to your generosity, we have collected PLN 40971.79 for the Christmas Grant for our students and doctoral students.

On the 7th and 8th of December, the square outside the Main Building transformed into a winter Christmas market. Nature guaranteed the winter spirit thanks to slowly falling snowflakes. The Christmas spirit we guaranteed ourselves by inviting sellers with various goods and our students from the Amplitrion Club responsible for the music, and by preparing, like every year, a special WUT stall.

Market stalls

It was special, because it was a charity stall; in return for donations for the Christmas Grant – a special distinction for students and doctoral students who enjoy success and are involved in University life – we gave university gadgets. Traditionally, new patterns of WUT socks won the hearts of buyers. This time our graphic designers made socks, i.e., with gingerbread Main Building and the rosetta – the characteristic stained glass in the central University building. Very popular were also warm caps, teddy bears, mugs, honey from the University apiary or pens with a spirit level and caliper. We will soon count the money and announce how much we have collected for the Christmas Grant this year.

Visitors could also go to other stalls. There they could buy mountain cheese, socks and slippers, marmalade and juices, Christmas decorations. Attractive was also the stall with Polish dishes – bigos, dumplings and bortsch. Lovers of other cuisines could visit food trucks.

Grants and Christmas trees

The Christmas Market is also the time of giving… presents. In this special atmosphere, we have got used to announcing and awarding the winners of the Christmas Grant – funded with money collected at the last year’s event. This year the awards were given to 19 people – WUT students and doctoral students. They were chosen by the jury from among 104 applications. The grant winners are Rafał Baczewski, Dominik Baraniecki, Mikołaj Chwojnicki, Julia Dasiewicz, Mikołaj Domagalski, Mateusz Drabarek, Mateusz Dryjański, Piotr Falkowski, Dominik Grzęda, Wiktoria Kolaszyńska, Piotr Mazur, Hubert Mucha, Klara Niebuda, Maciej Pikuliński, Jakub Rejdych, Natalia Sobolewska, Alicja Sutkowska, Julia Wilk and Bartosz Zięzio. They collected their diplomas and awards from the hands of WUT Rector Professor Krzysztof Zaremba and Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and jury president Professor Robert Zalewski.

This wasn’t the end of presents, though; the Deans and Vice-Deans of WUT Faculties were given Christmas trees and sets of WUT decorations – they were symbolically presented by the WUT Rector. And then the Christmas trees were taken to the faculty buildings.

New illumination

During the Market, a new Christmas illumination was also launched – once again designed by WUT graphic designers. You are invited to see it and record it in photos and videos. It will be great if you tag the Warsaw University of Technology when you publish such materials on social media.

The Christmas season at WUT has been officially opened. We hope that everyone who came to the Market took away at least some of the atmosphere and will cherish it at least until the beginning of January.