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Compact holographic colour pico-projector

The first ever show of holographic projection animated in real time - Dr Michał Makowski leader of the project.

The first ever show of holographic projection animated in real time - Dr Michał Makowski leader of the project.

A group of reserchers from the Warsaw University of Technology are currently working on compact holographic colour pico-projector which will enable the projecting of slides, photos or films onto a wall or a piece of paper. The shows will be possible even in daylight and could last for hours. All you will need is a mobile phone with a fully-charged battery.

The team of the Faculty of Physics, led by dr Michal Makowski carries on the project "Compact Ultra-efficient Laser Projector for hAndhels" (CULPA), funded between the years 2013-2016 by the National Centre for Research and Development within the "LEADER" programme.


The aim of the project is to create a miniature projection head, throwing colour animated pictures onto a projection screen - just like in the classic projectors, but using a completely new holographic method of forming of images. Ordinary projectors have a very low energy efficiency (3-10%) and large size. These dimensions are forced by the high-volume imaging lens, which is a barrier to miniaturization of such devices. The holographic projection head lacks the lens or any other volumetric or moving parts. It creates an image on a basis of diffractive redirection of light rays to the right place on the projection screen, and therefore none of the light from a laser source is wasted. This results in an extremely high energetic yield, estimated at over 50%. Such significant energy savings can help in the dissemination of the pico-projectors installed in mobile phones or tablets and can also translate into huge energy savings due to the implementation of this technology in large cinema projectors.

As a result of eliminating the lens the projection head may be about half the size of the smallest classic pico-projectors, allowing the installation in increasingly-thinner mobile devices. Holographic pico-projectors will allow improvised slide shows, throwing of photos or videos onto a wall, a piece of paper or on a piece of a table, under normal stray lighting and for many hours on a standard phone battery. With laser light sources on board they will offer a vast gamut of colours, accompanied by high contrast and brightness.


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CULPA - Compact Ultra-efficient Laser Projector for hAndhels