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Hyper Poland University Team got to the finals!

phot. odpalprojekt.pl

The team consisted of students of the Warsaw University of Technology and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology got to the finals of the Hyperloop Pod Competition, organised by SpaceX, as one of 24 university teams from all over the world.

Our students will have a chance to test their pod outside SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California on a “high speed” rail.

Unfortunately, works on the pod and a trip to California are related to high costs that are why the team has started crowdfunding action. To donate you can visit website: http://odpalprojekt.pl (in Polish).

The purpose of the competition is to help accelerate the development of functional prototypes and encourage student innovation by challenging university students to design and build the best high-speed pod. This competition is the first of its kind anywhere in the world — teams put their pods through a litany of tests, which was made possible through our Hyperloop system.

More information: www.spacex.com/hyperloop