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Julia Wilk wins the Student Nobel

In the photo, Julia Wilk with a statuette and a check at the Student Nobel competition

Julia Wilk has added another achievement to her long list of successes

A student from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology has won the 2024 Student Nobel in the Technical Sciences category. The results were announced during the gala held on May 25th.

Julia Wilk is the leader of the neendu project – a system for monitoring the vital signs of newborns using artificial intelligence algorithms. The solution aims to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. The idea and its creators have been awarded inter alia in the "Student-Inventor" contest, The Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, and the Warsaw Invention Show. The work on neendu also led to participation in the Innovation Incubator 4.0 project and a grant within the Talents of Tomorrow program.

Julia Wilk is also involved in another significant project – developing a rehabilitation exoskeleton. This solution is intended for people who, due to an accident or illness, cannot move their upper limb or have a significantly limited range of motion. This idea was also awarded in the "Student-Inventor" contest, and a patent application for this invention has been submitted.

Our Student Nobel laureate has participated in conferences such as BioMedTech Silesia, Medical Robotics, MICCAI Computational Biomechanics for Medicine, and AHFE International Hawaii Edition. She was listed in "Forbes Women" 24 for 2024, highlighting Polish women to watch, and received a scholarship from the Minister of Science and Higher Education for significant achievements.

This year, Julia Wilk is starting her PhD. She emphasizes that she hopes it will result in the development of implementable solutions in rehabilitation robotics that will revolutionize this field of science, increase and facilitate access to physiotherapy, improve its quality, and relieve physiotherapists.

– Work is for me daily learning, discovering new paths, and expanding my competencies – says Julia Wilk. – I really like to test myself in different roles, and whenever I can, I seize opportunities, so I know that one day I might find myself in a place I wouldn't even think of today.

The Student Nobel is a nationwide competition for talented and successful students. This year, in its 15th edition, awards were given in 10 categories: Technical Sciences, Art, Journalism and Literature, Natural Sciences and Energy, Physics and Astronomy, Medicine and Pharmacy, Social Sciences, Economic Sciences, Social Activity, and 3W. The Student Nobel is organized by the Independent Students' Association.