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New series of seminars on chemical engineering

A graphics of five guests of the seminars

The series consists of five seminars

What is the future of chemical engineering? How far can it go? Scientists and experts from companies and universities from all over the world will share their thoughts and experiences. You are invited – you just need to register through an online form.

The seminars ”Chemical Engineering Horizons in Different Perspectives” is a new project of the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. Presentations and meetings with guest speakers will show not only a well-known and widely understood dimension of chemical engineering, which a very practical discipline; it requires specific knowledge (of physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry) and it is used in many industry branches: chemical, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical or cosmetic.

Plan of seminars

The meetings will be held at the WUT Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering (ul. Waryńskiego 1, Lecture Hall III) and they will be in English. The series consists of five seminars.

It will be started (28 February at 15:00) by Professor Andrzej Stankiewicz – at present professor at the WUT Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, in the past professor at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, a pioneer of process intensification and author of many publications on this topic (one of them was quoted over a thousand times).

The next guests will be Marc-Olivier Coppens – founder and Director of the Centre for Nature-Inspired Chemical Engineering (CNIE) at University College London – a research centre which reaches beyond disciplines (6 March at 15.00) and Reinaldo Machado – Main Engineer for Research and Development at Versum Chemicals (Merck group), previously at Air Products and Chemicals, known primarily as the specialist for increasing the scale of chemical processes (seminar on 6 March at 16.00). 

An invitation to give a seminar was also accepted by Roger-Marc Nicaud – founder and CEO of Ypso-Facto – a company offering help for industrial companies in development, optimisation and safety of chemical processes and bioprocesses, previously founder and CEO in the company Novasep, which became a leading player in the branch of life science and developed a world class portfolio of innovative technologies. This speech will take place on 13 March at 15.00.

The series will end (20 March, at 15.00) with Roberto Werneck do Carmo – Head of Global I&T – Open Innovation in Braskem – a Brazilian international manufacturer of plastic products. He concentrates in it on Technology Intelligence, so providing insights into technology analysis for I&T teams in the company all over the world. He combines his tasks in Braskem with work at the university Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, where at present he gives lectures on process control in the field of study of chemical engineering.

You can register for the seminars through this form.

More details on the website of the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering.

The series consists of five seminars from 28 February to 20 March.