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Opening of the new section of the Aviation and Space Research Centre

In the photo, a group of people cutting a ribbon - the symbolic opening of the northern part of OBLot center

Symbolic opening of the northern part of the OBLot center

For several years, the Warsaw University of Technology has been developing its research and development base related to aviation and space in Sierakowo near Przasnysz. Now, the OBLot center officially consists of two parts: the unmanned (southern, opened in 2022) and the new manned (northern, opened on May 28, 2024).

The new section comprises a control tower, hangar, and laboratory facilities – 3 platforms for conducting flight research based on AT-5 and Topaz aircraft and the PW6 glider with a winch. This expansion of infrastructure complements the southern part of the center, dedicated to unmanned systems, including laboratories for agriculture and space monitoring using radar, and a computing center. Altogether, the complex boasts 9 laboratories and a landing area totaling over 26 hectares.

The expansion of the center to include the northern section was carried out as part of the project "Mazovian Platform for Material and Sensor Technologies and Applications in Energy Conversion and Storage, Electromobility, Aviation, and Autonomous Systems" RPMA.01.01.00-14-e214/20, with a total value exceeding 60 million PLN. This large, interdisciplinary undertaking involves six faculties of the Warsaw University of Technology: Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical, Power and Aeronautical Engineering, and Electronics and Information Technology. OBLot, with its infrastructure, is an important part of this project.

The center has served and will continue to serve primarily the Warsaw University of Technology – for conducting its own and commissioned research and developing student and doctoral projects. Nonetheless, OBLot remains open to cooperation with the external world.

The official opening of the northern section of the WUT Aviation and Space Research Center was attended by representatives of the state and local authorities, the Warsaw University of Technology, the National Center for Research and Development, companies, and scientific institutions. Guests included, among others, former President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy Maciej Lasek, Senator Krzysztof Bieńkowski, Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Adam Struzik, Director of the National Center for Research and Development Prof. Jerzy Małachowski, representatives of the Przasnysz County, the city and municipality of Przasnysz, Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology Prof. Krzysztof Zaremba, and Vice-Rector for Development Prof. Adam Woźniak.

Attendees unanimously emphasized that places like OBLot and the cooperation between science and the socio-economic environment are essential for development and can bring benefits to all involved.

During the opening, one could see the most important aviation constructions created by engineers from the Warsaw University of Technology, including the PW-X10 electric motor glider, the PW-5 Smyk glider, and the unmanned PW Chimera (Spectre-1) and Nord aircraft.