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Our Student on the "24 for 2024" List

Photo of Julia Wilk

Julia Wilk among the leaders recognized by "Forbes Women"

Julia Wilk from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering has been included in the "24 for 2024" list by "Forbes Women" magazine. It's a list of Polish women who are especially worth watching this year.

The jury appreciated the potential of the projects our student is involved in, as well as her numerous successes. Julia Wilk is a finalist of the 2023 Student Nobel Prize, awarded to the most outstanding students of technical fields in Poland. She has been awarded in the 2nd edition of the Talents of Tomorrow competition for young researchers, scientists, and inventors who can change the face of Polish science. She also received a Christmas Grant for the most active students and doctoral candidates of the Warsaw University of Technology.

For her project of a home system using neural networks to monitor newborns' vital functions, she received last year: a prize in the national "Student-Inventor" competition, a gold medal at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions 2023, a special prize from the Thai National Research Council, and a gold medal at the International Warsaw Invention Show 2023. The invention, co-created by Paweł Pietrzak – a graduate of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, and Mateusz Krawczak – a graduate of the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering and a student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, may revolutionize the fight against sudden infant death syndrome. It is also one of the projects qualified for "Shesnnovation ACADEMY" – an incubation program for startups created by women, implemented by the "Perspektywy" Educational Foundation.

Julia is also a member of the team awarded this year in the "Student-Inventor" competition for the project of a rehabilitation exoskeleton. The device supports shoulder joint movements and all elbow joint movements, allowing patients to exercise independently at home, without the need for a physiotherapist. Thanks to it, people with neuromuscular diseases, after strokes or accidents, with total or partial loss of upper limb mobility, will be able to recover faster.

– I am extremely grateful for the distinction and proud. It's a wonderful feeling to be noticed at the beginning of one's path. I will want to meet expectations and continue to develop so that there is indeed something to observe – emphasizes Julia Wilk. – There's still a lot of knowledge to gain and experiences to gather. I'm very curious about what the future will bring – she adds.

On a daily basis, Julia studies robotics and automation at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering and also works at the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Institute of Automation and Measurements PIAP.

For three years, every February issue of "Forbes Women" introduces a group of leaders worth knowing. The editorial team, along with invited jury members, searches for them in various areas - economy, culture, political space, and social sphere. The distinguished individuals share a passion and effectiveness in action.