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PhD at WUT? Take part in the admissions proceedings!

In the picture, two people are sitting by a computer and a microscope

Welcome to the Warsaw University of Technology Doctoral School!

Are you thinking about an academic career, developing your present studies and starting new research? We invite you to our Doctoral School! Registration for the winter semester of the academic year 2024/2025 is open until 26 July.

Our doctoral students are conquering Poland and the world! They have won the international competition James Dyson Award, they are regularly among outstanding young scientists of Poland, receive grants, scholarships and awards. They work on innovative solutions such as apps using virtual reality to facilitate treatment after a stroke, implants for regeneration of cancellous bones, respiratory rehabilitation devicesexoskeleton for rehabilitation or a novel system for e-fuel synthesis. You can also do such ambitious projects!

Admissions to our Doctoral School are conducted by way of a competition, within specific academic disciplines. Registration for the academic year 2024/2025 is open in 15 disciplines and there are 115 openings.

Disciplines and number of openings:

  • Architecture and Urban Planning – 8 openings,
  • Automation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Space Technologies – 10 openings,
  • Biotechnology – 4 openings,
  • Information and Communication Technology – 13 openings,
  • Biomedical Engineering – 5 openings,
  • Chemical Engineering – 9 openings,
  • Civil Engineering , Geodesy and Transport – 15 openings,
  • Materials Engineering – 4 openings,
  • Mechanical Engineering – 10 openings,
  • Environmental Engineering, Mining and Energy – 8 openings,
  • Mathematics – 6 openings,
  • Chemical Sciences – 9 openings,
  • Physical Sciences – 9 openings,
  • Law – 1 opening,
  • Management and Quality Studies – 4 openings.

The WUT Doctoral School may admit persons who:

  • hold the MA, MSc degree or an equivalent one, awarded in Poland or another country,
  • have at least good grade on their graduation diploma,
  • are not doctoral students of another doctoral school.

Candidates to the Doctoral School register electronically through the IRK system.

The admissions fee is PLN 200.

Admissions step by step

  1. Contact the selected potential thesis advisor to get their consent and to establish the planned research problem. You can make use of the search engine of thesis advisors and research problems to find a potential advisor. Here you will find a list of thesis advisors, check limits of openings for the advisors, and learn the research fields of interest of potential advisors.
  2. Register in the admissions IRK system. Submit the required documents. You have time until 26 July.
  3. Between 26 August and 6 September, qualifications interviews will be held.
  4. The ranking list is planned to be published on 12 September (importantly, it is not the list of admissions).
  5. If you are on the ranking list, you have a few days (13-19 September) to submit additional documents in the IRK system: a document confirming the professional title entitling to apply for admission to the Doctoral School (diploma) and in case of a lack of it, a certificate on passing the diploma examination issued by the Faculty/Institute (if the abovementioned documents were not uploaded to the system earlier) and statement on choosing the doctoral school/academic discipline.
    Candidates who hold a graduation diploma from a country outside of the EU submit their admissions documents with a certified translation of the diploma into Polish (if it is in a language other than English) and the diploma supplement, as well as a personal confirmation issued by the National Agency for Academic Exchange that their diploma is equivalent to a Polish diploma, entitles to pursue further education in Poland and whether diploma recognition is required.
    To be admitted to the Doctoral School you need to submit all the required documents, obtain at least 60% of points in the competition and be within the limit of openings laid down for a given academic discipline.
  6. According to the schedule, the list of persons admitted will be published on 25 September. After the publication, the Doctoral Students Service Department will inform the persons from the list about the next steps, including the deadlines for submissions of the originals of the admissions documents.

We are waiting for you the Warsaw University of Technology Doctoral School!