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Piotr Falkowski, the Winner of the "Young Promoter of Poland" Contest

In the photo, Piotr Falkowski with a nominee diploma in the "Young Promoter of Poland" Contest

Piotr Falkowski with a nomination diploma in the "Young Promoter of Poland" contest, photo: KAKA.media / Teraz Polska

A specialist in rehabilitation robotics and an implementation, a PhD student at the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP and Warsaw University of Technology, has won the main prize in the Scientific Activity category of the "Young Promoter of Poland" contest.

– I am pleased that the specialization of rehabilitation robotics is becoming increasingly visible in the Polish scientific sphere – it is a very good sign for the future – commented the laureate.

Piotr Falkowski specializes in biorobotics and 3D printing. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. On completing his studies, he decided to continue his scientific path through an implementation PhD, carried out at the Warsaw University of Technology and the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP.

Piotr Falkowski is developing several projects with significant innovative and implementation potential.

He is a laureate of the LIDER XIV program, conducted by the National Centre for Research and Development. Under the grant, he is working on preparing a universal and lightweight structure and control method for an exoskeleton for remote home functional rehabilitation (he is the main author of the patent for the "rehabilitation exoskeleton"). The proposed solution is intended for people who, as a result of an accident or illness, cannot move their upper limb or whose range of motion has been significantly limited. This project won one of the main prizes in the XIV edition of the "Student-Inventor" contest.

Piotr Falkowski is also the leader of the pd meds team – an informal startup working on respiratory rehabilitation devices: Notos and Boreas. The latter solution won the Polish edition of the James Dyson Award and qualified for the international finals.

Our PhD student has numerous medals from international invention exhibitions to his credit. He is a laureate of two Tech-Athons, the P&G CEO Challenge, and the EY Financial Audit Competition.

The "Young Promoter of Poland" contest is organized on the initiative of the First Lady of Poland, in cooperation with the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation "Teraz Polska." The contest honors individuals aged 16 to 30 whose actions contribute to popularizing knowledge about Poland and building its positive image worldwide. Candidates are nominated by submitting institutions in three categories: Scientific Activity, Cultural Activity, and Sports Activity. This year's winners were announced at a festive final gala held on May 27th at the Presidential Palace.