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Radio workshop for international students

phot. ISO

 The Center for Social Communication of the City of Warsaw is organizing a special radio workshop. The aim of the workshop is to bring together an international community which will co-create a multilingual integrating radio.

For those who have an idea for a theme program and are eager to run their own programs in a multilingual online radio, The center for Social Communication of the City of Warsaw opens up an opportunity for giving it a try. IMI RADIO is the only multilingual online station in Poland where listeners can find the programs run in so many different languages.

 The Center invite those who are genuinely interested in taking part in this project and have:

- an idea for a theme program
- ability to work in a team
- knowledge about multiculturalism
- volunteer availability for 1 hour in a week
- little patience, sense of humor and positive thinking

to send an email to imiradio2@gmail.com.

For further information, please check funpage of International Students Office and contact Karol Maśluszczak at ISO Office.

The recruitment lasts until June 15, 2018.