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SAE Aero Design Team is going to Florida

photSAE AeroDesign

Designing and building an unmanned aerial vehicle and completing the mission – these are the main goals for teams that take part in the AeroDesign Competition. Among crews that will compete are also students from the Warsaw University of Technology.

Interdepartmental Students Research Circle SAE AeroDesign works at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering. In the AeroDesign Competiton, students from WUT have been taking part for 25 years already, being at the same time the most titled team.

This year’s edition is held from 21st to 23rd of April in Lakeland, Florida. Starting from April 14th the team will be present in Lakeland to take test flights and reinvent construction.  

Teams should design and build unmanned planes (even 4 meters wingspan) and complete the special mission such as precise humanitarian on-target dropping or lifting the highest payload.

Our team competes in three categories:

-          Micro

-          Regular

-          Advanced

Last year SAE AeroDesign team won all gold medals in the overall classification, and 1st place for the lifting highest payload (Regular); 1st place for the technical report (Advanced) and 3rd place for the plane presentation (Regular).