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SMART type remote control and supervision system

The team from WUT’s Institute of Electrical Power Engineering has obtained permission from PSE S.A to use the new SMART remote control system for the automation devices operating in power-system substations. The creators of this link are: Mr. Ryszard Kowalik PhD, Mr. Marcin Januszewski PhD and Mr. Emil Bartosiewicz – the employees of the Department of Electrical Power Engineering Equipment and Automation.

The system allows remote control of power-system automation devices and so there is no need to travel to the electrical substations located far away from the PSE S.A. headquarters. The system has been designed with the use of opportunities afforded by modern operating systems and modern data transmission protocols. Telecommunications networks in the electrical substations, data transmission between elements of the systems and supervising devices were designed and made. Data transmission through the WAN network of PSE S.A. was successfully checked.

The main idea that led to the creation of a brand new version of the supervisory control system of the power-system automation was the need to secure the fast reaction of HV transmission system operation services for changes of power-system working conditions.

The necessity of changing parameters of the power protection devices produced by many companies and installed in one power station determines that one local computer will be running many different applications and, what is more, it will be establishing telecommunications links between various communicating devices. Additionally, it will be possible to do so from a distance i.e. hundreds of kilometers away from a power station. Control of the remote computer is realized without any special software while respecting the network security principles.

The new version of the remote control and supervision system is of a SMART type and it can diagnose its status of work and determine if the infrastructure of telecommunications links is correct. In case it is not, the system indicates potential faults and damages. Apart from that, due to implementation of IEC 61850 protocol, it automatically reports about the status of its work to the power station supervision systems. It allows an easy analysis of damage in a telecommunication infrastructure which is an integral element of an electrical substation.

The developed and implemented remote control and supervision system is a good example of cooperation between R&D centres with business and transfer of technologies. The Central Laboratory of Automation PSE SA. has approved the system after the initial tests done in April 2014. The tests confirmed that the system fulfills PSE SA.’s requirements - which allows new products on the electrical power market. It led to signing of a several contracts to design and implement this system in power-system substations managed by the PSE SA.



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