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The Warsaw University of Technology will create an Air Quality Index (AQI)

phot. R. Motyl,  www.uw.warszawa.pl

Professor Stanisław Wincenciak, Vice-Rector for Development of the Warsaw University of Technology and Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw have signed the agreement, concerning development and implementation of AQI. Thanks to this solution quality of air can be monitoring in Warsaw constantly.

The framework agreement was concluded on March 11,  2016. The agreement was signed on December 21, 2016, during the press conference, dedicated to the possibilities of air protection in Warsaw.

The Warsaw Air Quality Index (WAQI) will support the system of administration of the quality of air in the Polish Capital.

WAQI will inform citizens about the state of air in an easy and legible way. The main aim is to raise the public awareness on this field. It will also help to identify overrunning of concentrations, critical for the city area and will provide a basis for the extension of Warsaw system. WAQI will also help Warsaw authorities to decide whether to take intervention measures such as sending water-carts on the street or establishing a free public transport.

Our university has been conducting research concerning the quality of air in Warsaw and impact of air pollution on the environment and citizens’ health for 12 years. The result of this research led to developing unique techniques of analysis and synthesis of substance concentration in the air.

Source: www.um.warszawa.pl