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Two WUT teams to enter Shell Eco-marathon Europe

WUT Team

Shell Eco-marathon Europe will be running from 5 to 8 July 2018, source: FB SKAP

Our students’ participation in Shell Eco-marathon is already a tradition. This time, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London will see two structures from the Warsaw University of Technology, both built by the members of the Vehicle Aerodynamics Student Research Group operating at Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

The challenge for the teams who enter Shell Eco-marathon is to create cars that will travel the farthest on the equivalent of one litre of fuel or one kilowatt hour of power. This year’s competition will be the 34th event in the series, with 175 teams from 24 countries across Europe and beyond taking part. The teams will compete in two categories: UrbanConcept (urban cars designed and built to meet the road requirements that accommodate the needs of today’s drivers) and Prototype (three- or four-wheeled cars for the future designed with a focus to minimise friction and maximise energy efficiency).

The Warsaw University of Technology will be represented in both competition categories. The SKAP 2 Team will enter the London event in the UrbanConcept category. They will showcase their brand-new car Orion. Its main feature is ultra-low consumption. PAKS, or the previous race car designed by our students, could cover a distance of 376 km on one litre of fuel and Orion is to take it to 600 km!

In turn, the SKAP Team will compete in the Prototype category. Their vehicle is Kropelka 2.0 which is designed to run on ethanol.

In addition to two WUT teams, five other crews from Poland will take their chances in London: they come from Gdańsk University of Technology, the Higher Vocational School in Krosno, Lodz University of Technology, Lublin University of Technology and the Silesian University of Technology.