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WUT introduces new Visual Identity

Strong Brand of WUT

New symbols, dedicated colour palette, original fonts – the Warsaw University of Technology implements new Visual Identity (VI). WUT would like to set trends not only in the academic field but also in the way of thinking about a modern and strong institution such as WUT. This is one of the reasons why WUT decided to create new identification system, which since now, has become a basic tool for creating the Brand of the Warsaw University of Technology.

- The tradition of 100 years of WUT is definitely something we should be proud of – underlines prof. Jan Szmidt, Rector of WUT. – Nevertheless, creating a brand of WUT is a never-ending process. World changes and we need to look for new ways of communication. Our measures face new trends in this field.

The new Visual Identity was based on the mission statement: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, said once the outstanding scientist – Albert Einstein. Those words seem to picture the strength of the human creativity.

The conception of VI is based on the Brand Identity Guide Book of WUT, created by a special team, constituted in 2013. The contest for creating VI was launched at the end of 2015. The winner was a Warsaw graphic design studio– Podpunkt.

The main change, concerning the image of WUT is the new logo. In the new identity we can name:

  • The basic logo  – logotype of the name of the Warsaw University of Technology, presented using dedicated font: Radikal WUT. The “W” letter, after rotating by 90 degrees becomes a mathematical symbol:  “≥” - adequate to the mission statement.
  • Symbol – letters “W”, “U” and “T” from the basic sign composes the short version of the basic logo
  • The ceremonial logo – a symbol referring to the traditional emblem of the academy

On the top of that, in the new visual concept we have chosen 8 new equivalent colours: sunny, apricot, plummy, minty, sapphirine, lilac, pewter, mocha. They should be used to build graphic communication of our academy and different units.

Every faculty has its two colours to build their own communication system. There is also a possibility to use other colours as complementary. Together with new graphic signs, it will help to easily distinguish faculties.

- The Warsaw University of Technology sets new trends and high standards in every aspect – says prof. Jan Szmidt, Rector of WUT – Our brand is strong, known and respectable not only in Poland but also abroad. We have to do whatever we can to be perceive as a modern academy, which continually develops, with high standard of teaching.