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WUT student at Mars Desert Research Station

phot. Michał Kazaniecki

Mars Desert Research Station, placed in Utah, USA, was put at the disposal of Polish interdisciplinary team from Warsaw. Among Polish scientists is Michał Kazaniecki, student of Automatic Control and Robotics at the Warsaw University of Technology.

The mission called EXO.17 that simulate a Mars expedition, has started at March 11th and will follow till March 26th.

Poles at American Experimental Centre

 Our student is a member of Students Astronautic Research Circle and coauthor of Martian rover – Ares. During the mission, he serves as an on-board engineer and operator of rovers Gaja and Ares.

- Taking part in such an endeavour is a great possibility to test his or her abilities – says Michał Kazaniecki. – Being cut off the rest of the world, having limited resources, we learn to use engineering approach and solve problem in an unconventional way.

The aim of the simulation is to spend two weeks in habitat, being isolated from the normal world to receive the natural, Martian conditions.

phot. Michał Kazaniecki

More about Mars Desert Research Station

A world with a surface area the size of the combined continents of the Earth, the Red Planet contains all the elements needed to support life. As such it is the Rosetta Stone for revealing whether the phenomenon of life is something unique to the Earth, or prevalent in the universe. The exploration of Mars may also tell us whether life on Earth is the model for life elsewhere or whether we are just a small part of a much vaster and more varied tapestry. Moreover, as the nearest planet with all the required resources for technological civilization, Mars will be the decisive trial that will determine whether humanity can expand from its globe of origin to enjoy the open frontiers and unlimited prospects available to multi-planet space-faring species. Offering profound enlightenment to our science, inspiration and purpose to our youth, and a potentially unbounded future for our posterity, the challenge of Mars is one that we must embrace.

phot. Jędrzej Górski

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