PIKAOM new technologies in modern pathomorphological diagnosis

Tomasz Markiewicz PhD - the Leader of the Project

The team of associate professor Tomasz Markiewicz (Ph.D. D.Sc.) from WUT's Faculty of Electrical Engineering is working in a consortium together with the Military Institute of Medicine and the Nałęcz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences on the project entitled Web platform of the computerized microscopic image analysis for support the modern pathomorphological diagnosis.

The aim of this project is to design and to implement of web-based platform for registered doctors, scientists and students which will enable:

  • quantitative analysis of histological staining and tissues elected by algorithms branded by the team or the individual authors,
  • archiving microscopic images,
  • peer consultation, and join work independently from distance between scientific collaborating centers.

Currently, the platform is available for the designers. It allows them to send and view the microscopic pictures and it has got ready-made profiles of equipment, selected colouring, descriptions of cases and pictures. - says Tomasz Markiewicz PhD

The decision was made that creating schemes of algorithms, interactions of users with the algorithms and descriptions of virtual preparation as well as uploading them onto the platform will be done through an additional application installed locally. The consortium is intensely working on it at the moment. 

The use of proposed platform allows:

  • to save pathologists time spend on quantitative analysis ,
  • to reduce consulting costs by replacing sending of the physical preparations by placing their images (mostly virtual slide) on the platform server,
  • to  increase reproducibility, comparability and objectivity of quantitative evaluations. 

These effects will have a direct impact on improving the effectiveness and decreasing the costs of patients' treatment.

The platform, with its complete usability for the designers and chosen consultants, should be ready to use by the end of this year. The project should be finalized (algorithms implemented and verified, database finished, all the changes for users’ convenience introduced) by 30th September 2016.


WUT’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering

PIKAOM – Platforma Internetowa Komputerowej Analizy Obrazów Mikroskopowych (Web platform of the computerized microscopic image analysis)

Part of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) project for 2013-2016.