Solutions for the Power Industry

ELGrid system structure

Under the projects "4RES" and "ElGrid" carried out by Globema Ltd. in cooperation with the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, the staff of the Electrical Power Networks and Systems Division has developed innovative methods of calculation, optimization and forecasting.

4RES information system is designed for operators of renewable energy sources (RES) to support participation in the electricity market.

The system consists of two major subsystems: the forecasting subsystem (including ultra-short-term and short-term forecasting of electricity production from RES, taking into account the possibility of access to a variety of historical and forecasting data) and the subsystem supporting participation in the electricity market. Their total functionality completely meets the needs of manufacturers and traders of energy from renewable sources. The optimal form of implementation of particular technical and business processes in the 4RES system, in terms of computational and functional criteria, has been based on the research undertaken.

The ELGrid information system serves to optimize the operation and development of the electric power distribution network with installed distributed generation sources.

The following methods have been developed during the work on this system:

  •  determining the power flow in distribution networks,
  •  optimization of the distribution network configuration,
  •  optimization of the voltage levels in distribution networks,
  •  ultra-short-, short-, and medium-term electricity demand forecasting,
  •  spatial long-term electricity demand forecasting,
  •  forecasting of production of electricity in generating sources.


The ELGrid system allows for the efficient management of electric power distribution networks; minimization of power and energy losses in these networks; investment planning, including the renovation, modernization and expansion of the network and minimization of the number and impact of network failures. It also improves the security of supply (supply reliability) of electric power networks.

Both projects were co-financed by the European Union under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, respectively, in 2012-2013 and 2010-2011.