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Scientific and development work conducted at Warsaw University of Technology is an answer to the challenges of modern science and economy. Technology transfer, i.e. offering the results of research with their specific applications in mind, is an important element of the mission of the University as an innovation and entrepreneurship centre. Warsaw University of Technology not only supports  Polish innovators by changing their inventions into companies, but it also initiates cooperation with national and foreign companies.

Warsaw University of Technology is also a member of research consortia which combine the potential of outstanding scientists from various universities and other scientific institutions with that of entrepreneurs who wish to implement new technologies. As an example may serve the Centre for Pre-Clinical Research and Technologies (CePT), in which research will be conducted in the field of biomedical engineering and biotechnology, on most frequent civilization illnesses, in particular cancer, neurological diseases and illnesses of the circulation system, as well as illnesses connected with aging.

Another undertaking of this kind is the project of the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT. It is the greatest investment in Poland in the area of high technologies, which envisions the creation of a network of modern specialist research laboratories which meet the highest standards. The Centre will conduct interdisciplinary research on materials and technologies of the future from the border of physics, chemistry, biology and materials engineering.

”Warsaw Technological Space – WUT Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management” is, in turn, an original project of Warsaw University of Technology, subsidised from the European Fund for Regional Development. The activity of the Centre covers the area of commercialisation and technology transfer. It will include activities connected with innovation processes – starting with identification of innovative results of research work conducted by Warsaw University of Technology and other Mazowsze scientific units, through developing new solutions in the field of technology transfer and innovation management, and ending with promotional activities in this area.