Faculty of Chemistry

Founded in: 1898



prof. Władysław Wieczorek, Ph.D., D.Sc.


Main scope of research:

Technology and biotechnology of organic compounds for medicine, agriculture and household chemistry; Technology of (bio)organic and inorganic materials of special properties; Sustainable chemical technologies and waste management (no-waste technologies, environmentally-friendly materials); Technology, processing and characterisation of polymer materials; New sources of energy generation and storage; Modern analytical and bioanalytical techniques (medicine, environmental protection, control of technological processes, control of food products); Miniature analytical systems and chemical sensors; Modern catalysis and technology of design of new catalysts; Technology of high-energetic materials (rocket fuels and gunpowder); Fundamental research of new materials and processes (physical and chemical characterisation, modelling of new compound classes).



00-664 Warsaw, ul. Noakowskiego 3
tel. 22 234 5734, 22 234 7372
e-mail: dziekan@ch.pw.edu.pl, dziekanat@ch.pw.edu.pl, ibio@ch.pw.edu.pl