Faculty of Management

Founded in: 2008


Jarosław Domański, PhD, DSc

Main scope of research:

Study, evaluation and improvement of operations of business organisations and public institutions, modelling and empirical aspects of management; Research, development and use of IT tools in management, decision-facilitating systems; Decision analysis, use of artificial intelligence; Study and modelling of economic and social processes and phenomena in the context of optimisation of management decisions, simulation and econometric modelling, risk management; Study of conditions of organisational and consumer behaviour at various management levels; Analysis and evaluation of logistic and production environments in companies and the economy, modelling of production processes in terms of ergonomics, industrial safety and environmental protection; Study and modelling of economic and social phenomena in the context of innovation management, knowledge and technology transfer, development of products and companies.


02-524 Warsaw, ul. Narbutta 85
tel. 22 849 94 43, 22 234 84 32
e-mail: sekretariat@wz.pw.edu.pl