Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering

Founded in: 1991


prof. Anna Boczkowska, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Main scope of research:

Scientific research conducted at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology is connected with the main issues of modern materials science and materials engineering. The research is characterized by its interdisciplinarity, covering physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. The conducted research is connected in particular with relations between the microstructure and the properties of materials used in various branches of the industry, i.a. in aviation, pure power engineering and medicine. The subject of research are also cultural heritage objects. The main scope of research includes: nanocrystalline and amorphous materials; biomaterials; intelligent and functional materials; modern ceramic and polymer materials; materials for pure power engineering; surface engineering; materials degradation issues, including degradation processes of industrial installations; characterization of materials (electron microscopy, microscopy of atomic forces, Auger electron and photoelectron spectroscopy, Roentgen diffraction, stereology and image analysis); macro-scale modelling.



02-507 Warsaw, ul. Wołoska 141
tel. 22 849 99 29, 22 849 99 35, 22 234 84 51, 
e-mails: wim@pw.edu.pl, dziekanat.wim@pw.edu.pl