Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science

Founded in: 1999


prof. Wojciech Domitrz, Ph.D., D.Sc


Main scope of research:

Mathematics: universal algebra, multivalent analysis, complex analysis, noncommutative geometry, differential geometry, projective geometry, symplectic geometry, geometry of convex sets, combinatorics, financial mathematics, numerical methods, stochastic processes, probability; partial differential equations, mathematical statistics; theory of games, graph theory, shape theory, singularity theory, control theory, ordered set theory, algebraic topology, general topology, dynamic sets, applications of mathematics (in biology, genetics, quantum physics, geology, mechanics, metrology, finance and insurance).

Information science: data analysis, computer-aided design, geometrical modelling, parallel calculations, neural networks, artificial intelligence, decision-making facilitation.



00-662 Warsaw, ul. Koszykowa 75
tel. 22 825 4508, 22 234 7969
e-mail: sekretariat@mini.pw.edu.pl, dziekanat@mini.pw.edu.pl