Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering

Founded in: 1960


prof. Janusz Frączek, Ph.D., D.Sc. 


Main scope of research:

Aeromechanics and aerodynamics; Construction and maintenance of aircraft; Avionics; Biomechanics; Biorobotics and robotics; Construction mechanics; Mechanical measurement; Aircraft motors; Turbines and steam boilers; Flight simulators; Dispersed power engineering; Combustion and explosion research; Cooling and air-conditioning; Waste destruction; Rotor pumps; Energy economy; Storage, exchange and conversion of heat energy; Numerical methods in heat exchange.


00-665 Warsaw, ul. Nowowiejska 24
tel. 22 234 52 34
e-mails: anglo@meil.pw.edu.pl, dziekanat@meil.pw.edu.pl