Students Union

Students Union contributes to a significant extent to the internationalization and international cooperation at WUT.

The main role in this activity is played by a special team who is in charge of international affairs - International Matters Committee of Students Union. The Committee represents Polish and foreign students before the University authorities and is responsible for expenditures on international cooperation of students organizations. They collect and share information on international scholarships, internships and educational programs for students. International Affairs Committee is a link between the University (represented by authorities and Centre for International Cooperation) and all students.

Flagship project of this Committee is the organization of student exchanges with Düsseldorf, Kyiv, Budapest and St. Petersburg, organization of European Dimension Activities during ATHENS Programme, the cycle of cultural events Feel The World and the cycle of languages lessons. Students Union and International Affairs Committee associate several main student organizations at WUT which are related to international cooperation. You will find them described below. By working together, they intend to create and realize larger and more efficient projects for all students of WUT.


Pl. Politechniki 1, room 165