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Careers Service

All students and alumni of Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) are welcome to take advantage of the Career Service (CS) providing advice, education and information in the field of professional promotion of students, Ph.D. students and graduates of the University.

The main goal of the Career Service' Team is to support students and alumni of WUT in their personal and professional development. Among others, students and graduates are welcome to meet Career Advisors to get realistic information about the Polish labor market, to learn how to prepare an effective CV and Cover Letter and how to get ready for a job interview. They can also take part in a career coaching session or in training courses focused on skills which are crucial for their further development (e.g.: communication skills, assertiveness, team work, self-presentation, coping with stress, time management and entrepreneurship).

An important tool of CS is a website - www.bk.pw.edu.pl. Over 20 000 students and alumni use this website every day to get current job and internship offers, upload their CV to the database and get access to the list of Employers and important links and articles.  

WUT Careers Service also creates opportunities for employers. Our main goal is to assist WUT students and alumni with initiating and progressing their careers. Employers’ engagement is vital for the success of our endeavour, as employers have deep and up-to-date understanding of what knowledge and competencies are required on the job market. In our Catalogue for Employers you will find a range of activities employers are invited to perform with us.

To support the idea of professional networking, the Career Service’ Team organises career events such as: “Meeting with Employer”, “CareerDate”, local job fairs, trial job interviews, etc.

With education which takes into account the needs of the job market and the developing economy, the Careers Service has been conducting since 2012 the study entitled “Monitoring of Professional Careers of Warsaw University of Technology Graduates”. The study aims to determine if the knowledge acquired by students during their education at Warsaw University of Technology was used properly and suggests possible modifications of curricula in order to adapt them to the needs of employers. A study conducted in 2016 showed, among others, that:

  • 85,5% of WUT alumni see a positive influence of graduation from WUT on their career;
  • 61,6% were employed before their graduation - 36,3% of those currently employed found a job within less than a month and 25,7% did not have to look for a job, because employers found them first;
  • 72,7% of questioned WUT graduates are employed, 7,2% run their own business, 19,2% are unemployed but continue their education in postgraduate studies;
  • WUT graduates are most often employed in companies from the IT sector – 17%, architecture / civil engineering – 10%, power / electrical engineering – 6,4%.


More information on “Monitoring of Professional Careers of Warsaw University of Technology Graduates” can be found at the website of the Careers Service.



e-mail: biurokarier@pw.edu.pl

website: www.bk.pw.edu.pl