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WUT Business School

Types of study:

EXECUTIVE MBA – 1,5 year postgraduate studies in English, designed in order to meet the expectations of high- and mid-level managers. Classes are carried out jointly with international partners and study visits. Programme was ranked as the best Polish EMBA in Europe in the QS ranking.

MBA Kaizen Industry 4.0 – three-term postgraduate studies designed to provide our students with practical knowl­edge of organization and management of a modern production company, effectively operating on the global market.

MBA Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation – one-year postgraduate studies in Polish, addressed to candidates interested in the use of new technologies in business.

MBA Artificial Intelligence, Finance and Technology – one-year postgraduate studies conducted in Polish, addressed to candidates holding managerial positions in financial areas, willing to expand their leadership competencies and analytical skills.

MBA Cybersecurity Management – one-year postgraduate study in Polish, addressed to those interested in the subject of cybersecurity management.

MBA Smart City – one-year postgraduate studies in Polish addressed to people interested in the subject of smart cit­ies management.

Academy of Leadership Psychology – one-year, intensive, condensed programme in the field of business psychol­ogy for top managers, with Jacek Santorski as the Programme Director.

Total Design Management – one year studies, co-created with the Institute of Industrial Design. It is a platform where the world of business and design collide.

ACCA Postgraduate Studies in Accounting&Finance – one-year, ACCA approved educational programme, de­signed for finances practitioners.

Strategic Finance & Accounting preparing for ACCA Professional Level Exams – three-semester postgradu­ate study addressed to those planning to take the last 4 ACCA exams at the Strategic Professional level.

Training in Pharmacoeconomics, HTA and Law – one-semester programme aimed at graduates working in the pharmaceutical sector.

Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Development – two-week course covering the subject of clinical trials, biotechnology and the specifics of medical devices.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing – three-weekend course for those working or planning to work in the phar­macy or medical industry.

Development of renewable energy projects. Economics, energy market and business models – one-year studies about renewable energy, economic conditions and the needs of the energy cost reduction market.

Post MBA Digital Transformation – six-weekend programme addressed to graduates of all MBA studies inter­ested in new information technologies.

Certificate in Business for Engineers is a course in English, addressed to students and graduates of Engineering and Science studies, providing participants with the business knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the busi­ness environment.

First Time Manager is an intensive and practical managerial skills development programme for all those taking their first steps in management.

Power Skills for IT Leaders is a program dedicated to people working in the field of IT project management.

Career Advisory is a one-year postgraduate programme in the remote formula, co-created with Career Angels pro­viding participants with knowledge in the field of career advisory.

WUT Business School