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WUT Distance-Learning Centre - OKNO PW

OKNO PW has introduced the SPRINT model of “distance-learning” education using the internet. This is based on the assumption that, in distance-learning education, the student can, on his or her own, choose the time and pace of studying. Education is facilitated by e-learning techniques, and the number of meetings at the university is limited.

Fields of study and modes of study taught through e-learning:

Four-year B.Sc. study in the fields of study

  • Computer Science (Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
  • Electronics and Telecommunications (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology)
  • Automatic Control and Robotics (Faculty of Mechatronics)

Two-year M.Sc. study in the field of study Computer Science (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology and Faculty of Electrical Engineering).

One-year postgraduate study on ”Information technology and Internet techniques”.