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The library and information system of Warsaw University of Technology is comprised of over 30 WUT libraries, including: the Main Library with its branches and library points, as well as faculty and institute libraries. The full list of WUT libraries with addresses and opening hours is available at the home website of the Main Library.

The aim of the system is to collect, classify and lend the collection, as well as to provide access to world scientific texts, literature supporting the teaching process and to basic sources of scientific information. WUT libraries also provide information services and participate in listing scientific achievements and creating a collection of electronic publications of WUT employees, Ph.D. students and students.

Warsaw University of Technology Main Library is a scientific library. Its collection serves the purpose of meeting the needs of not only WUT employees and students, but also employees and students of other scientific institutions in the country who are interested in technology and fundamental sciences. All those interested may use its collection on site or order the printed collection through interlibrary loans.

The University libraries mainly collect modern literature which presents the current state of science and technology in the world. The libraries have in total 1,500,000 volumes of printed books and journals and circa 10,000 electronic journals, over 136,000 electronic books, available in over 50 databases. The largest collection is located in the Main Library. Electronic resources are available in the whole WUT network and for employees, students, Ph.D. students and postgraduate study participants, upon logging in at the Main Library, also from any computer outside the WUT network.

The Main Library also has a beautiful collection of old prints, maps and an invaluable collection of over 36,000 photographs connected with architecture and urban planning. A great part of the collection is available on the internet through the Warsaw University of Technology Digital Library (access from the WUT ML website).

The central catalogue of WUT libraries, systematically completed and updated, includes current information about the collection and allows electronic ordering of some books and independent loan extension. Other databases created by WUT libraries are also available. The collection of the Main Library may be used in the WUT Main Building in modern comfortable rooms, with open access to over 50,000 latest books and journals. During the teaching period, the library is open seven days a week and libraries in halls of residence (Akademik, Babilon, Żaczek) are open on class days not only during the day but also from Monday to Friday in the evenings at 19:00-21:00 (longer during the examination session).

The Main Library offers library training on using scientific information courses. Some trainings are available on the Moodle platform in the e-learning form supported by lectures and presentations.


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