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The Warsaw University of Technology is a well-renowned university, constantly building upon numerous successes – those of its scientists, employees, as well as students and entrepreneurs cooperating with the University. Here, the boldest ideas and theories come to life and become inventions. New fields of study are being launched, new laboratories are being established, cooperation with industry and foreign centres is constantly being developed. Our students and graduates receive the best technical education and support – they become the most sought-after specialists on the labour market. There are over 160 student science clubs and organisations at the Warsaw University of Technology. Research projects implemented by students allow them to combine the knowledge gained in the course of study with practical skills.

The Warsaw University of Technology joined the elite of the beneficiaries of the competition Excellence Initiative – Research University (IDUB) organised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (currently the Ministry of Education and Science). Following the analysis of global social challenges, domestic economic priorities and combining it with the most active academic disciplines at WUT, we have identified 7 Priority Research Areas:

• Photonic Technology

• Artificial Intelligence

• Cybersecurity and Data Science

• Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering

• Material Science and Engineering

• High Energy Physics and Experimental Techniques

• Energy Conversion and Storage

As part of the IDUB project, we implement grant schemes, conduct activities supporting innovation, dissemination of research findings, and development of staff and student competence.

We also enhance the international brand of our University.The Warsaw University of Technology and six other universities belong to the ENHANCE alliance, which is among the winners of European Universities Competition organised by the European Union. WUT membership in ENHANCE will facilitate the introduction of innovative teaching methods developing future competencies. Students of member universities of the alliance will be able to select international courses and programmes offered by ENHANCE partners. Active inclusion of stakeholders from industry, economy and local authorities in the activities will play a huge part. This will help students learn how to utilise knowledge and technology to the benefit of society.